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FreeAdvertising Package

ENF Recycling is the world’s biggest database of recycling companies, purposed for industry customers who are serious about buying. Companies listed on ENF Recycling have access to this great source of customer traffic while enhancing their company’s reputation throughout the recycling industry.

We know that the more we help the companies that list on our website, the more we help the customers who view the site, ensuring that our website continues to be the largest and the best. One way that we help all listing companies is by offering the largest free advertising package in the industry.

The table below shows ENF Recycling’s free advertising features and specifies which require input from you and which do not (automatic). We offer so much because we know that showing companies in the best light makes our website the best—for companies and customers.

Key Features
Require Input
Company details
All essential details are available on your profile page, including your web address and location (location is shown on Google Maps, and you have access to the Account Management System to change it manually if ever needed).
Company Logo
Your company logo features on the top left of your profile page, an ideal promotion of your brand.
Product / Service
So customers can quickly see exactly what it is you offer, your profile provides all necessary details about your product(s) or service(s). This helps customers easily find what they are looking for.
Your profile page can list multiple contact people, including their pictures (with business card) if desired. We include this feature because we know how important the personal touch is to many potential customers.
Reviews / Recommendations
Use our system to request and control recommendations from customers to highlight your excellent products and services.
Company News
Send ENF Solar company news ( [email protected]) to appear on your profile page. ENF Solar selects news items most relevant to the industry, and those are placed on the ENF Solar homepage and news page. If any of your news items are selected, this will give your company great exposure. Selected news items also provide a link to the company’s profile page, increasing visitor traffic.
Company Updates
Share updates from your company with potential customers. Write messages or updates of up to 210 characters to appear on your profile page as well as on the ENF Solar homepage.
Company Description
Enhance your company profile page with additional text and a picture to emphasise key advantages to potential customers.
Mark on List Page
Once you have added a company description, an “i” mark will show next to your company name on any alphabetical company list it appears on. Your company will stand out and the “I” prompts customers to access your profile for extended information.
9 Languages
Your company profile is accessible in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Japanese so that customers from around the world can access your products and/or services.
Social Media
Link your ENF profile to your social media channels so that customers can engage with you in different ways. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages can be linked, plus if you have a WeiBo account it will show up on your Chinese language profile page.
Live Chat
We provide a live chat system that you can activate as desired. When a user wants to chat with your company, you will receive clear alerts to ensure that your response can be immediate. We include this feature so you can be more accessible to potential customers.
Account Management
Stay in control of your information on ENF Solar. You automatically have access to the Account Management System so you can update your details, add new products, make recommendations and more.
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