We connect buyers and sellers by providing the most extensive, well-researched recycling information available.

We are the top source of information connecting recycling suppliers and customers. With a team of full-time recycling industry researchers, our strong focus on data quality offers unparalleled depth. Our site provides scale, features and quality that connects recycling business professionals around the world.

  • Biggest database of recycling companies in the world.
  • More than 27,800 recycling companies listed, with extensive information given.
  • Coverage will extend to all major material types.
  • 9 Language versions provided.
  • Clear directory structure lets users find what they want quickly.
  • All data appear in a common, comparable format.
  • Detailed equipment types classification for recycling machinery manufacturers.
  • Recycling companies can be filtered by country.
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  • Companies researched by hand to ensure complete lists.
  • In-house industry analysts’ work extensively checked for quality.
  • Constant active search for new companies & rechecking of existing database – we never stop our research activities.
  • Phones & emails of recycling companies.
  • Sales representatives’ business cards.